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We take complex information and key insights to time-starved audiences. We create impactful and engaging visualisations, easily digestible infographics, intuitive dashboards and engaging animations – tailored to the exact needs of your organisation. We are data storytellers.

What we do


In today’s world of “information overload” nothing has more impact in the dissemination of data than beautiful, easily digestible infographics. At Data Design crafting stories and turning these into compelling infographics is our forté.

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The style of your company’s presentations and reports can leave a lasting impression on your clients and shape your company’s identity. Let Data Design maximise your impact and help to set you apart from the competition.

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Perfect for telling a story with data. Our creative animators bring information to life through vibrant, eye-catching aesthetics and a clear, compelling narrative. We can come in at any stage and cover the script, storyboard ideas, voice over, and complete the final animation..

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Report Layouts

Your data. Only better. What better than your hard work being treated with the respect it deserves. A beautiful layout can make or break a report. We will bring true creativity to the layout to strike the exact tone for your target audience. We combine a structured narrative with data visualisation expertise.

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Take your data to the next level, allowing the viewer to engage, explore, and dig deeper through an intuitive and immersive environment. Our dashboards can update automatically and we have a ‘mobile first’ design policy so users can seamlessly interact with the data across all of their devices.


Don’t have any data? We can help. Our parent company AudienceNet is a fully accredited, full service research agency with truly global reach. Tell us what you want to know and our research team can tailor the approach to meet your needs from our suite of rich methodological approaches.

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We are proud to work with the Guardian to deliver Data Visualisation Masterclasses. The Guardian can tailor a course to your needs – from gathering and analysing data to choosing infographic formats and designing impactful data visualisations. Our modular courses can be scaled up or down for any group size or ability level.

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